New in Descript: Automatic Volume Leveling & Timeline editing improvements

February 19, 2020

Descript 3.3 is now available. Here’s what’s new:

Automatic volume leveling

Getting volume levels to match across multiple files and recordings is one of the most tedious parts of mixing a podcast – Descript now handles that automatically.

Volume normalization on export

When you export a file, Descript normalizes the volume using peak or loudness normalization.

Timeline editing improvements

Drag and drop a range selection between tracks. Also, clip trimming snaps to words.

New toolbar

For reasons that will be clear in future updates, we’ve moved the toolbar to be anchored at the top of the script.

Other fixes

  • Performance and stability improvements.
  • Audition Export: Place each file on its own track.
  • File Management: You can now tell Descript to always keep the full quality files downloaded on your computer.

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