Introducing Descript Video and Screen Recording

October 20, 2020

Like it or not, video has become an essential part of how we communicate. And while it’s gotten easier to capture and share video, editing remains difficult, slow, and non collaborative.

As of today, Descript is no longer limited to podcast editing — it’s a full-featured video editor. Record and edit multitrack videos with titles, transitions, image and video overlays, animations, and more — all with the same ease and flexibility as editing a document.

We’re also releasing a screen recorder. Use it standalone to quickly record and share video of your screen and webcam — accompanied by an interactive transcript — or pull your recordings into Descript to purge filler words, remove rambling outtakes, or piece together multiple recordings into a demo video of a product. 

Today’s release reflects a vision we’ve had for Descript since day one — that the division between audio and video editing tools is a historical artifact. Today’s creators have a healthy disregard for the traditional boundaries of content mediums — YouTubers make podcasts, podcasters are distributing on YouTube — and they need a tool that’s equally capable in audio and video. Breakthroughs in AI enable the creation of this new class of narrative media creation tools — one doesn’t force a trade-off between power and ease of use. We’ve been building this foundation for over five years, and it’s finally here.

Our aim with Descript is to give everyone who records audio and video the ability to craft it into something great. To make editing something that’s not only within reach — it’s fun. Something that you want to do.

Descript is for podcasters, vloggers, and other storytellers, of course — but it’s just as much for businesses, where communicating through video — both internally and externally — is becoming as common as email. 

For our startup, Descript is the video tool I’ve always wanted — something that makes video easy to record and share, but also easy to edit. We’re using it to share product ideas, offer support to customers, create product demo videos, record meetings, record personalized customer demos, and more. If you work in a startup, give Descript a try with your team — screen recording seats are free, you only pay to edit.

Download Descript for free, and try the tutorial project. As always, we’ll be hard at work shipping improvements — feel free to share your feedback on our product roadmap.

Finally, I want to share my deep appreciation of the team responsible for building this. In the thirteen years I’ve been working at startups, I’ve never been as proud of something that I helped launch. That has everything to do with the people who work here, whose dedication, ingenuity, and collaborative spirit allowed us to create a whole much greater than the sum of the parts.

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